Working Papers


Comparative Historical Development​
“Long Live Keju! The Persistent Effects of China's Imperial Examination System" (with Ting CHEN and Chicheng MA). Under review (June 2017)

“Genetic Distance and Technology Diffusion” (with Ying Bai). Under revision.

Political Economy

“Are Political Connections Corruption? Evidence from China’s Primary Land Market” (with Ting CHEN, Li HAN, and Jiaxin XIE). Coming soon.
“Through the Revolving Door: The Trading of Favors between Public Officials and Firms in China’s Land Market” (with Ting Chen, Li Han, and Jiaxin Xie). Coming soon.
“Political Elites and Hometown Favoritism in Famine-stricken China” (with Titi Zhou). Under review.

Economic History
“Population Dynamics and Market Integration in Late Imperial China, 1736-1910” (with Yanfeng GU). Under revision.
“The Making of the Gentry Class: Reconsidering the Ladder of Success in Late Imperial China” (with Qin Jiang). Under revision.​
“A Reversal of Trade Fortune: Opium, Silver, and the Decline of Late Imperial China, 1789-1910” (with Ying BAI). Under revision.